The Base

K-Pop Dancers who wanted to change the nearly non-existing collaboration between the individual dance groups from all over Germany into a cooperating community founded KBASE Germany in 2015. They thought it is a big problem and it had to be solved.

Therefore they invited representatives of different dance groups from different federal states to be the faces for KBG.

The goal is to build a community that works together on projects to show the world what we are able to do.


The name 'KBASE' came with the idea of some places in Germany where K-Pop dancers can meet, dance or even plan their own project together.

For example, if someone from Berlin comes to Munich, they will be able to make new friends and know where to go when they are bored.


During the last years KBASE has grown bigger and bigger. After the first dance contest in Hamburg 2015 happened a lot of things. In 2016 and 2017 we have worked together with the Korean Culture Center in Berlin to host the K-Pop World Festival Audition. K-Pop parties have been added to our programm as well as workshops, like the Bongyoung Park "The Housecon" in Berlin and Frankfurt.


In november 2016 we were able to send 4 dancers to a concert of Bohye and Anna from Lipservice to be their background dancers.


In the end of every year we are hostig a "Community Day" to gather the community and let them connect and have fun together.